On-Demand Webinar

Safe and Legal Management of Student Health Needs

Keep Students Safe, Healthy, and Ready to Learn

Health and wellness are complicated for individuals, let alone trying to support the medical needs of your entire student body. Many schools are under-prepared to manage student health needs, which puts them and the students at risk. They have little or no choice in providing such services, for they are dictated either by legislative mandate or by precautions pertaining to risks and liability.

During this quick 20-minute on-demant webinar, we'll review the basics of how to create a plan of action that will give your staff the information, training, and support they need to ensure appropriate measures are taken to keep students safe, healthy, and ready to learn. You will learn:

  • What's required before providing medical support to students
  • What Policies and Procedures should be in place
  • How to determine the type of training required for your staff
  • How to maintain records for audits and liability issues

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