WhatNow Corporate Partnership & Wraparound Support (Webinar)

Posted by Terri Brinston on Jun 6, 2019, 11:07 PM

Lets Work Together

The transition from high school to adulthood is a major change and it can be extremely challenging. Too often, young adults get left behind wondering what to do next.

WhatNow is a peer-led support group that brings together community resources, adult mentors, and information to help young people; become successful adults, positive role models, and caring leaders in their communities.

Through our Corporate Partnership and Wraparound Support program we are able to equip colleges and  student organizations with a team of individuals who collaboratively develop an individualized plan of support.  See the video below to learn more.


Who we are

Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation is a Wayne County, Michigan based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our primary focus is to help students and young adults overcome barriers that prevent or delay success in school and life by providing them access to a holistic support system.


It Takes a Village!

Become Our Partner! Our network of partners comprises of a wide range of companies and non-profits with various business models and missions. Your support is crucial to helping us intervene through educational programming, prevention initiatives, mentoring, case management services, parent support, actively collaborate with others to build students and families’ capacity for adaptation, self-management, career and employment preparation, self-advocacy, and learning.   Please contact us to learn how to become an official partner of the NWGF and receive referrals. Together we can bridge that gap between the youth and support services.


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