Why Our Clients Trust Our First Aid Support Team for Their Event

Posted by Terri Brinston on Nov 29, 2018, 6:30 AM

Why Our Clients Trust Our First Aid Support Team for Their Event

I work hard for my money, and some may even say that I am a little frugal. I disagree of course. Yes, I’ll admit, I’m prudent with my expenses, but I’m not saying that I’m cheap. On the contrary, I have a good eye for value and quality, especially as it pertains to service. When I seek services to meet my needs, I do my homework researching and comparing the options available before I make my choice. I don’t expect any less from my potential clients. This is why I pride myself on providing superior service through My School Nurse’s First Aid Support Team (FAST).

Working with us will ensure a safer environment for student-athletes by reducing the risk of sports-related injuries with our medical response team. You can put your trust in our hands while we provide first aid support services for your athletic events, tournaments, and competitions. Coaches can focus on strategy; athletic directors can run their programs and parents can enjoy the game. Taking the right precautions can help prevent and reduce injuries and provide a safe and healthy environment for all.

Still not convinced? Here are some testimonials from our amazing clients who shared their personal experiences about using our services, so you know what to expect when working with us.

Outstanding quality of service

“We have been working with MSN for over two years. They provide medical support during my basketball tournaments. I have used other independent providers in the past, but they did not compare to MSN’s quality of service. They are professional, dependable, on time, visibly present, engaged during my events, and reasonably priced. Their staff is very friendly and accommodating. They truly make it simple, I just send them a schedule, and they do the rest! Thank you for providing safety support and relieving the anxiety when injuries happen.” ~ Norm Oden, AAU Basketball Director/Coach

Provide a quick, professional response

“The Inkster Legends is very pleased to recognize My School Nurse’s participation in our Annual Basketball camp for the past three years. It was very gratifying to know we had someone on hand to assist us in case of an accident or injury. Sure enough, we had a couple of injuries, and their team was right on top of the situation and kids were able to continue participating without any interruptions in the camp. I strongly recommend My School Nurse to anyone that's looking for this type of professional care.” ~ Fred Smiley, President-Director

Expertise in emergency medical care

“Varsity GOLD Athletic Conference is very pleased with healthcare services we receive from MSN. MSN has been VGAC's exclusive Track & Field medics partner for five years providing services to over 300 youth athletes each track season. Our relationship is built on trust, teamwork, professionalism and MSN's expertise in medical emergency care. We highly recommend MSN to schools and other business sectors that are looking for a diverse (highly skilled) medic team who truly integrate healthcare and customer care.” ~ Carla Denson, EVP

We are prepared, equipped and committed

We can ensure that appropriate medical care is provided to student-athletes in a timely manner to minimize the risk of further injury and decrease the chance of possible legal action.

In addition to providing you with PEACE OF MIND our First Aid Support Team offers the following:

  • Medical professionals skilled in CPR/AED/Sports First Aid, pre-hospital medical and trauma care.
  • Access to a team of advisors comprised of a neurologist, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, paramedic, physical therapist, chiropractor, sports conditioning coach, and an athletic trainer.
  • Aid in injury prevention strategies through injury data collection.
  • Assist in scene control to maintain the safety of everyone present.

By having our First Aid Support Team on-site, you can rest assured that you're always providing the safest environment for your students.

First Aid Support Team (FAST) First aid and medical services for all your  school athletic events. Learn More and Get a Quote


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