73% of Schools DO NOT have a school nurse!

We deliver support services to school staff and students by using a holistic approach.

Our Service Plans Work Within the Standards Outlined by Professional School Nurse & Health Organizations and Follow Federal & State Regulations.

From Traditional to Holistic

At My School Nurse, we take a holistic approach in helping schools & community organizations to support their students' safety, health, and wellness. Our mission is to facilitate student success by addressing these needs that prevent & delay learning.

Our service plans work within the standards outlined by professional school nurse & health organizations and follow federal & state regulations.

My School Nurse is a proud sponsor of the Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation

My School Nurse is a proud sponsor of the Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation

Serving at-risk students to help them achieve the physical, emotional, and spiritual balance required for academic success.

Norm Oden, AAU Basketball Director/Coach

“We have been working with MSN for over 2 years. They provide my medical support during my basketball tournaments. I have used other independent providers in the past but they did not compare to MSN quality of service. They are professional, dependable, on time, visibly present and engaged during my events, and reasonably priced. Their staff is very friendly and accommodating. They truly make it simple, I just send them a schedule and they do the rest! Thank you for providing safety support and relieving the anxiety when injuries happen.”